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Nail fungus ‘cold’ laser at Waverley Foot Clinic

The Mail on Sunday Pain-free laser that banishes toenail fungus – caused by wearing sweaty trainers By Roger Dobson for The Mail on Sunday Are your feet fungus free? Wearing hot, sweaty trainers can encourage fungal spores. Doctors are using ‘cold’ laser beams to vaporise...

Healthy feet for spring at Waverley Foot Clinic, Farnham

Keeping feet looking healthy for spring At the end of the long winter months our feet may feel neglected. Months of feet being in warm winter shoes often leaves them feeling dry and uncom-fortable. Dry feet can look and feel unpleasant, but also may develop into a serious...
Lunula cold laser treatment fungal nail infection results

Lunula Cold Laser treatment for fungal nail infection

FUNGAL NAIL INFECTIONS How do tell there is a fungal nail infection? Fungal nails become discoloured with yellowish-brown patches or white flecks within the appearance. The nails often become thickened and in the later stages nails start to crumble with a distinctive odour....


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Lunula ‘cold’ Laser is the latest technology to treat fungal nail infections is now available at Waverley Foot Clinic. View the video below to see how the laser can remove the problem of fungal nails. Find out more about our other podiatry and chiropody treatments here.