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Nail Fungus – What can be done?

Nail Fungus Low level Laser Therapy

At Waverley Foot Clinic one of our main treatment areas concerns Fungal Nail Infections. Fungal nail infections are increasing year by year. Once a nail has become infected an enzyme produced by the fungus allows the protein in the nail to be digested. This leads to the discoloration and thickening of the nail and a slow break of the nail structure. Our website explains the infection process in detail:-  http://waverleyfootclinic.com/lunula-laser-nail-fungus-treatment/

Nail fungus infection spreads

Once the fungus is present within a toe nail it starts to produce spores. The spores are released into the air and easily spread to other nails or even the other foot. The spores remain within socks and shoes which makes contagion a significant risk as socks and tights are worn on both feet. Often the start of such an infection is not at first noticed. Many toe nails may have become infected before the extent of the fungal nail infection has been recognized.

Lunula cold laser treatment fungal nail infection results

Athletes Foot Infection

Fungal spores can also infect the skin of the feet. In the same way as nails the fungus produces an enzyme that allows it to digest protein within the skin. This can be seen between the toes or as a flaky dryness on the soles of the feet. As with the fungal nail infection; the skin infection produces spores which spread in a similar way potentially increasing the extent of the infection.

Lunula Low level ‘Cold’ Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is now an established treatment route used widely all over the world. Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham has used this treatment method for three years with great success.

The laser wavelength used is 635nm & 405nm, within the cold spectrum. We are often asked about the science behind the technology which is complex. Recently, clinical research into the successful use of Low Level Laser  to treat fungal nail infections was presented. The presentation by Dr  Mark Nestor M.D. Ph.d explains cold laser therapy technology and how nails are treated:-

To arrange a Fungal Nail Infection treatment consultation at Waverley foot Clinic please call 01252 716611. Podiatrist, Mr Jonathan Kirk  will explain how best to resolve fungal nail & skin infections and answer any questions you may have.



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