Coronavirus COVID 19

Coronavirus Covid-19 The current issues surrounding Coronavirus/COVID 19 are being taken extremely seriously by Waverley Foot Clinic. Following College of Podiatry Covid 19 treatment guidelines Waverley Foot Clinic is closed to routine/non urgent Podiatry care. URGENT CARE If you are a high risk patient or concerned about your symptoms/condition e.g. diabetic, in-growing nails, infections, painful […]

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Foot pain can simply ruin your life. Foot pain may start from the moment you get out of bed or develop through the day. Which ever way the foot pain develops it can make day to day activities difficult or impossible.  Foot pain often develops slowly over months and eventually reaches the stage […]

Nail Fungus – What can be done?

Nail Fungus Low level Laser Therapy At Waverley Foot Clinic one of our main treatment areas concerns Fungal Nail Infections. Fungal nail infections are increasing year by year. Once a nail has become infected an enzyme produced by the fungus allows the protein in the nail to be digested. This leads to the discoloration and […]

The Mail on Sunday nail fungus article

Nail Fungus treatment with Lunula cold Laser Therapy Waverley Foot Clinic Here at Waverley Foot Clinic we specialise in treating nail fungal infections. Cold Laser Therapy is a simple and succesful way to eradicate nail fungus with a coarse of treatments. The Mail on Sunday published an article in which nail fungus is explained and […]

Painful Feet & Chilblains

What are chilblains? Chilblains (also called pernio) are small itchy, red (and sometimes purple) swellings on the skin. They may become increasingly painful, swell and then dry out leaving cracks in the skin that expose the foot to the risk of infection. They occur on the toes (particularly the smaller ones), fingers, face, nose and […]

Merry Christmas from Waverley Foot Clinic

Christmas holiday days closed Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham is closed from Saturday December 22nd and reopens on  Wednesday January 2nd 2019 Urgent problems For urgent problems please call your GP or use  NHS contact number :111    

The College of Podiatry International Conference – Bournemouth 2018

Preventing Foot Pain The College of Podiatry Conference in Bournemouth 2018 Podiatrists Jonathan Kirk & Sheila Mills and our administrator Carolyn Calow from Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham attended The College of Podiatry Conference in Bournemouth. This international meeting is the largest in Europe with three days of excellent clinical lectures and access to the […]

Nail Fungus

What is Nail Fungus? Nail fungus can infect one or more toe nails and sometimes finger nails. The process is often very slow and the infection develops over several months or years. Usually the infection is moderately advanced by the time it’s noticed. Ladies are sometimes unaware of a fungal nail infection development because the […]

Heel & Arch Pain

Heel & Arch pain At Waverley Foot Clinic we have recently seen an increase of patients coming to see us in relation to heel and arch pain. This is possibly linked with the good weather this summer and many people wearing flat sandals or flip flop type footwear (I will explain why later) Heel and […]

Summer Foot Care Advice

10 tips on foot care Read our top 10 tips on how to look after your feet. Your feet take the weight of your whole body, so foot problems can quickly lead to discomfort and affect the way you walk. This can in turn cause knee, hip and back pain. Research from The College of […]