‘My fungal nail infection looks terrible, what can I do?’

A fungal nail infection can look very unpleasant and sometimes ugly. Especially during the summer months or on holiday when our feet are on display!

Fungal infection. Where does it come from?

Fungus is everywhere. It’s how the natural world decays organic matter from fallen leaves to the fruit in your fruit bowl. The fungus actually digests the colonized organic matter. It produces thousands of microscopic spores every day which can travel and eventually come in contact with more organic material and colonization. This starts the process again.

The human body is vulnerable to such fungal infection. The feet and toes are particularly vulnerable to nail infection due to humid, warm and dark environment within shoes. This leads to increased toe nail fungus colonization and growth.

Fungal nail infection

How to treat fungal nail infections?

This can depend in the severity of the infection. Over the counter treatments can work for early stage infection but the results are often disappointing. Fungal nail infections then slowly grow and spread to other toes nails causing more embarrassment.

There is also oral medication (terbinafine) via your GP but this route has serious side effect risks possibly effecting the liver and kidneys. This treatment is taken for three months and only has a 46% cure rate after 4 years (Sigurgeirsson et al) which is very unsatisfactory and a high risk strategy. Definitely not recommended.

Professional Nail Fungus Chiropody and Podiatry advice may be required. A Chiropodist specializing in fungal nail infection treatment can advise you about the various options available. Sadly, most patients with fungal nail infections only seek help after the toe infection is advanced.  Often the fungal toe infection has spread to other nails and both feet.

Hiding infected toe nail with nail varnish for example will never solve the problem. In fact, putting nail varnish over a fungal nail infection often encourages the infection to grow faster!

But what is the best way to treat fungal nail infections?

In recent years research has enabled the development of Lunula Laser. This is a totally pain free ‘cold’ laser for fungal nail treatment. A course of four treatments can help to resolve fungal nail infections and improve the appearance of  your toe nails. The following youtube link helps to explain the process:

Visiting Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham for expert Chiropody & Podiatry nail fungus advice.

This relatively simple and effective method of treatment has been successfully been used for over five years. Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham uses Lunula Laser every day to help patient resolve their fungal nail infection. For a consultation please contact Waverley Foot Clinic  or call on 01252 716611. Alternatively, visit our nail fungus treatment area within our website.


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Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist & Practise Owner | MChS BSc (hons)

Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist & Practise Owner | MChS BSc (hons)

Waverley Foot Clinic is owned and managed by Mr. Jonathan Kirk. His long career within healthcare started by qualifying as a Registered General Nurse followed by a successful career within the UK medical industry working in sales and senior management. Latterly, Jonathan returned to University as a mature student to undertake a BSc (hons) degree in Podiatry and is currently based in Farnham utilising his varied clinical and Podiatric experience.