Fungal Nail Infection

How to spot infection and how to get treatment

What is a fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infection is the most frequently reported nail disease, with an estimated 20,000 cases reported annually. It’s most prevalent in individuals over 55 years of age, but can appear at any age. Communal shower usage, particularly among athletes and swimmers, can increase the risk of fungal nail infections. Signs of the ailment can range in severity from mild to severe.

Other symptoms of a fungal nail infection include:

• Nails that are distorted in shape
• Thickened nails
• Yellow-brown nail colour
• Brittle or crumbling nails
• A dark colour caused by the build-up of debris under your nail
• A slightly foul smell

Firstly, diagnosis is important. Get in touch today…

Causes of infection

Nail fungus sprouts from fungal spores that intrude and thrive within nails, often after a past nail trauma that’s been long forgotten. This type of infection moves slowly, and sometimes without warning for an extended period. Our feet naturally release one to two litres of sweat daily, creating a perfect environment for fungi to breed inside footwear. These infectious fungal spores can spread and contaminate other nails or the surrounding skin.

Clinical treatment at Waverley Foot Clinic

During your first visit to our clinic, Jonathan will conduct an assessment of the problematic area and discuss the optimal treatment options. Based on this information, a custom treatment plan will be developed to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Treatment Options

  1. Topical paint on fungal medication from the pharmacist
  2. Oral medication from your GP (caution: serious side effect RISKS)
  3. K-Laser Therapy or Cold Laser Therapy or(both are pain free)
  4. No treatment, but fungus rarely self-resolves and will continue to grow and spread toe to toe.


At Waverley Foot Clinic we have specialised in treating nail fungal infections for almost ten years. Our expertise and treatment options provide help to people every week.

Waverley Foot Clinic has invested in two different advanced ‘cold’ Laser technologies to ensure the most appropriate treatment option if available. Each patient’s fungal nail infection is different. From infections up to 5 years to much longer advanced chronic infections.  Our aim to provide specific treatment for each patient to ensure targeted fungal infection eradication.

KLaser Therapy for Nail Fungus

The very latest ‘cold’ Laser technology to fight and resolve advanced nail fungus infections. Using two areas of light within the infrared cold spectrum nail fungus is eradicated and new healthy nail growth immune response stimulation. KLaser Therapy is chosen when specific, targeted advanced nail fungus eradication is needed.

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Lunula Laser Therapy for Nail Fungus

This technology has two important clinical roles. Firstly, non-advanced nail fungal infections treatment. Secondly, following nail fungus eradication, some patients choose annual nail fungus prevention ’check ups’ which include Lunula Laser therapy.

Lunula Laser Nail Treatment

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