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Generally a treatment appointment takes about 30 minutes for assessment and treatment.

A corn and verruca can both be very painful, especially when walking. Corns are areas of very hard tissue/skin that have formed into a small intense pellet which is embedded into the skin surface. But a verruca is a form of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which forms on the skin surface. The verruca can also be painful but is contagious to other areas of the feet and also other people.
An in-growing toe nail is when the side of the toe nail (often the big toe) starts to grow into the side cuticle. Often this can be very painful and may even become infected. In-growing toe nails should always be seen by a Podiatrist as soon as possible. Call Waverley Foot Clinic to make an appointment as this condition can deteriorate and requires assessment and professional treatment.
The Insole design used can vary depending of the footwear chosen. Please bring a selection of shoes worn most often (including sports footwear) and we will ensure the insole choice is right for you.
Custom orthotics must be comfortable in your footwear and therefore manufactured to specifically fit your foot shape. Even the left and right will be different as our feet always vary which ensures maximum comfort. This ensures a comfortable orthotic in your shoes which will also address any clinical problems.
The digital assessment takes about 40 minutes. Because Waverley Foot Clinic uses the most up to date technology there is no need for lengthy out dated techniques e.g. messy ‘plaster of Paris’ foot moulds! Your assessment will be detailed, clean and efficient resulting in a thorough report which will be fully explained.
The insoles are made from a unique memory flex plastics which has a guarantee lifespan of 7-10 years. This material ensures clinical effectiveness plus maximum comfort at all times.

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