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What is a biomechanical assessment podiatrist?

Whether you are suffering from a foot sports injury or experiencing some type of foot pain, a biomechanical assessment from our clinical specialist biomechanical podiatrist can provide you with a comprehensive understanding of any underlying problems in your feet lower limbs.

The foot is a very complex structure, containing 28 different bones, 214 ligaments, and 38 muscles. Not to mention that it bears your entire body weight every single day.

A biomechanical assessment will assess not only your foot but also your pelvis, legs, and knees, examining the relationship between each element and discovering the root cause of your pain.

What are the benefits of finding a biomechanical Podiatrist near me?

Are you experiencing pain in your feet, lower limbs or back.  This may be linked to a foot posture problem. Finding a local Podiatrist with foot biomechanics expertise should be the first action you take.

When you undertake a biomechanical assessment with our highly qualified Podiatrist, you will discover the original cause of your pain or injury and the correct treatment options explored.

What can I expect from a biomechanical assessment?

Waverley Foot Clinic Farnham, biomechanical assessment involves an examination consultation, including digital gait/physical gait analysis using GaitScan.

The digital scan will determine how your foot functions from the heel strike to push-off. Areas of high pressure and pain are identified using advanced 3D scan technology and a treatment plan developed.

You will then be presented with our suggested treatment plan, which may include prescription orthotic insoles, stretching exercises and long term foot health advice.

Digital Gait Scan allows for precise diagnosis and extremely comfortable orthotic insoles. The 3D image of your foot shape creates snug, comfy insoles that flex as you walk and run. No more antiquated messy plaster casts.

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Biomechanical Assessment

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