Ingrowing Nail

What is an in-growing toe nail?

In-growing toe nails are a painful condition causing soft tissue infection and severe pain. The condition is most common with the big toe caused by impingement of the skin at the margins at either side of the nail. This is often the result of misshapen or poorly cut nails growing into the surrounding toe tissue.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive nail surgery at Waverley Foot Clinic, Farnham is a simple solution to this problem using the latest nail surgery techniques. The whole nail is preserved and only the section of in- growing nail removed. This provides a resolution to pain and discomfort with an excellent long term cosmetic result.

Pain Free Procedure

Minimally invasive nail surgery for in-growing toe nails is performed using local anaesthetic (similar to the dentist). The affected toe is completely anaesthetised before the nail surgery starts ensuring a totally pain free experience. We do our utmost to guarantee the procedure is a speedy, relaxed and pain free experience.

Will the nail grow back?

It is vitally important to prevent nail re-growth. During the minimally invasive nail surgery procedure the effected nail bed is always treated with a preventative nail re-growth formula. This prevents the cells responsible for nail growth to function at the precise problem area preventing in-growing nail re-growth.

The procedure

Following surgery

Fix your ingrowing toe nail problem

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