Hard Skin

Hard skin is an uncomfortable skin complaint, and we see it in our clinic on a day to day basis. This uncomfortable and painful skin can make walking and moving difficult, reducing your quality of life.

Here at Waverley Foot Clinic, we understand that putting a spring in your step may mean some investigation and possibly professional medical treatment to ensure you’re walking to the best of your ability going forward.

Symptoms of Hard Skin

Hard skin and calluses can be very uncomfortable. If you are suffering with any of the following, we may be able to help:

  • Thick skin on feet
  • Hard skin on the ball of my feet
  • Hard skin on my heels
  • Cracked skin on my heels
  • Thick skin between the toes
  • Thick callus on feet
  • Cracks in the heel thick skin which may bleed
  • Hard skin really painful
  • Callus was treated and returns
  • Painful callus when I walk
  • Feet are very dry
  • Tried foot cream but not worked
  • Feel so uncomfortable
  • My feet look terrible
  • Cracked heels look terrible in sandals/Flip Flops

Causes of Hard Skin

Hard thick skin or callus can be irritating and painful. From thick pads of painful callus to unsightly cracked heels various reasons may be the cause. Pressure is the most common reason because skin thickening is our natural protection against pressure (as hard work leads to calloused hands). Also, through life the amount of a natural secretion ‘subum’ to moisturise the skin reduces leading to dryer skin. At waverley Foot Clinic we diagnose the reason for any dry skin or callus problems and offer the most appropriate treatment and long term preventative advice.

Hard Skin Treatment We Offer

Hard skin or callus treatment coupled with preventative advice is always the best route to take. These types of foot problems have a tendency to return at some stage in the future, therefore long term care plans are important to maintain good foot health.

We can advise you on the steps to take, such as:

This specialist podiatry treatment to remove hard skin and callus is very carefully done using a small special blade.

NOTE: This more advanced foot treatment for hard skin must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified Podiatrist. Not every Podiatry clinic offers 100% fully qualified staff treat ALL patients.

Our feet do a lot of work and are responsible for carrying the rest of our bodies, so we must look after them well and treat them with respect. This becomes especially more pertinent if you have issues such as diabetes. This type of foot care again must only be carried out by a qualified Podiatrist. We advice Diabetic Foot Health reviews as per NICE guidelines every six months. Also your blood circulation to the feet will be checked using an ultrasound and your peripheral neurological sensation tested.

Fix your Hard Skin problem

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