What is Nail Fungus?

Crumbling, unsightly toes? We can treat you with our Lunula Laser Treatment.


Fungal nail infection can sometimes be hard to diagnose. Many people don’t notice the problem at first and the fungus slowly develops and spreads. Fungus slowly digests the nail structure, leading to nail discoloration, thickening and nail crumbly breakdown. The skin is also often affected which is a form of athlete’s foot infection.

If your toenails have any of the following symptoms, it may be time you took a closer look at your nails:

  • Thickened nails
  • Discoloured nails – from yellowy white right through to brown or green
  • Brittle or crumbling nails
  • Notice problem spreading from one nail to another
  • A pungent smell around the nail


Nail fungus is caused when a fungal spore starts to grow and develop within the nail. Often following trauma to the nail sometimes years ago. Nail fungus is usually slow at developing and sometimes goes unnoticed for a long time. Our feet produce between one and two liters of perspiration a day, creating a damp, warm, dark environment to grow within shoes. The nail fungus produces spores which may infect the skin or other nails.

How to treat fungal nail infection

Firstly, diagnosis is important. Following this treatment options can be discussed and developed. The options may include topical fungal medication from the pharmacist, oral medication from your GP (Caution: serious side effect RISKS) or laser therapy.

At Waverley Foot Clinic we specialise in treating nail fungal infections. We offer advice with topical treatment options not available from your pharmacy or GP and Lunula ‘cold’ Laser Therapy.

Lunula Laser Nail Treatment

How to treat a severe fungal nail infection

Lunula ‘cold’ Laser therapy is advanced technology to treat nail fungus. The laser light is within the cold spectrum resulting in NO sensation or pain. The treatment requires a course of four treatments one week apart.

Lunula ‘cold’ Laser is very successful. Clinical research shows between 80% – 90% success

Fix your Nail Fungus problem

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