Shin Splints Treatment Farnham

Are you prone to shin splints?

Do you feel a burning and tightness in the shins when you run, play sports or even just walk long distances? If yes, you are more than likely suffering with shin splints.

Although this injury is mostly associated with athletes and endurance runners, almost anyone can experience shin splints at some point during their lifetime.

Here at Waverley Foot Clinic Farnham, we provide bespoke treatments for shin splints and will work with you to create a personal recovery plan that will help you learn how to recover from shin splints in the long term.

What are the most common shin splints symptoms and treatment?

There are several signs that indicate you may be suffering from shin splints, although the severity of each person’s symptoms can vary. These include:

  • Dull ache in the front part of the lower leg
  • Pain on either side of the shin bone
  • Muscle pain
  • Pain along the inner part of the lower leg
  • Tenderness or soreness along the inner part of the lower leg
  • Swelling in the lower leg (usually mild if present)

What causes shin splints?

Shin splints are an extremely common sports injury that may be caused by:

  • Not carrying out the correct calf stretches
  • Only stretching one calf muscle when there are two key muscle groups in the calf
  • Not stretching consistently

It is important to know that everyone can experience both tight calves and pain in this muscle group during exercise. Discovering what helps shin splints will enable you to be able to enjoy being physically active while minimising your risk of pain or injury.

What is the treatment for shin splints?

  1. Diagnosis of the pain. A biochemical assessment will be carried out to thoroughly investigate your lower limb function and identify the original cause of your pain.

  2. A bespoke recovery plan. Based on the results of your biochemical assessment, your podiatrist will recommend appropriate treatments and pain management strategies.

  3. Stretching exercises. You will be shown how to correctly stretch your calf and foot to help loosen the muscles, relieve pain and reduce the risk of future injuries.

  4. Orthotic insoles if required. You may be recommended orthotic insoles to relieve pressure if appropriate.

Fix your Shin Splints problem

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