Dry Skin & Cracked Heels

Amongst the most common range of foot skin problems we see from patients, are issues to do with dry skin and cracked heels. Dry and cracked skin can be uncomfortable and unpleasant to see. Summer sandals can often reveal dry and cracked heels to the world.

Dry skin and cracked heels can affect anyone at any age. Still, they do disproportionately affect women and older individuals, some studies have shown around 20% of the adult population to be affected. This can be a problem whoever you are and the correct assessment and long term treatment plan required. 

Dry skin on the feet and dry cracked heels can be uncomfortable and may become very painful if left too long before receiving treatment. Cracked heels particularly may become a serious problem should the cracks deepen or bleed. Serious infections such as cellulitis can enter the body through breaks in the skin. Think… would you touch the floor with an open cut to your hand!

Caution:  Should you ever have a break in the skin that becomes red, inflamed, hot & painful, seek medical help that day via your GP or A&E.

Dry Skin & Cracked Heels Treatment at Waverley Foot Clinic

Trained Podiatry & Chiropody experts know the best ways to treat such problems. The highest standards of clinical hygiene must be present during all medical treatment, including skin treatments. Some high street nail bars offering skin and nail treatments should be viewed with caution.

Our dry feet treatment and cracked heels treatment at Waverley Foot Clinic, Farnham always follows a detailed assessment to ensure the correct treatment is provided. Advice to ensure the best long term prevention of the return of dry skin or cracked heels is given. The use of the most appropriate foot cream can be very helpful on  a long term basis. 

There are numerous types of foot cream and making the best choice for your skin is important. 

We have a selection of many foot cream options to ensure the correct product is used to provide you the best long term nourishment, hydration and health of your skin. In some cases, patients may come to us seeking extremely dry feet treatment because of dehydrated skin that has cracked and is causing more problems. We can use a variety of advanced methods to aid in curing your problems, and expert help from our trained podiatrist can provide you with effective treatment for the cracked skin on your feet.

Fix your Dry Skin & Cracked Heels

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