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At Waverley Foot Clinic Farnham we specialize in the latest prescription insole technology. Our digital assessment process and rage of insoles from sports/running to narrow ladies shoes ensures effective pain relief.

It’s not only various types of foot pain can be treated. The foot posture affects the whole bodies ‘Kinetic chain’. Knee, Hip Pain and Back Pain can be linked to poor foot posture.

Orthotics or insoles are prescription medical devices that you wear inside your shoes to correct biochemical foot issues. Specifically designed to help treat various types of foot pain; from sports injuries to bunions or fallen arches.

Fortunately, with the help of our expert Podiatry knowledge at Waverley Foot Clinic Farnham and the use of GaitScan technology, we can create a tailored treatment plan including custom made orthotic insoles to ensure a pain-free, healthy life.

What causes common foot problems?

Although you will require a full assessment to determine the exact cause of your foot pain, the most common causes of reduced foot function are:

  • Your foot bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons change or deteriorate. Normal foot function becomes difficult leading to often slow changes in how we walk leading to chronic pain and discomfort For example:-
  • The arch of the foot collapsing
  • Bunions
  • Ankle pain
  • Pain on the outside of the foot
  • Pain on the inside of the foot with arch pain
  • Heel pain – especially in the morning

What can I expect when being examined for foot orthotic insoles?

We pride ourselves on offering orthotic insoles made to measure as we strongly believe that this provides you with the best chance for a fast and effective recovery from your injury or foot condition. Custom, prescription insoles offer better long term foot health and happiness.
Your examination will start with a digital assessment using the latest GaitScan technology

Your assessment will be clean, efficient, and detailed and will result in a comprehensive report of your feet’s requirements for custom orthotic insoles, which will be fully explained to you during your appointment. We will show you the foot scan results and explain how the findings lead to your problems and how insoles will help.

Expect the best biomechanical examination and treatment

Waverley Foot Clinic only uses ‘state of the art’ GaitScan technology for diagnosis of your feet walking, standing, load bearing etc. No simplistic old treatment methods eliminating the need for messy “plaster of Paris” foot molds. Always expect the highest standards.

Orthotic Insoles

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