Healthy Feet For Spring At Waverley Foot Clinic, Farnham

Keeping feet looking healthy for spring

As winter comes to a close, our feet often bear the brunt of neglect. Months of confinement inside warm winter shoes can leave them parched and uncomfortable. Dry feet not only look and feel unpleasant, but they can also escalate into more serious issues.

As we anticipate the arrival of sandal weather, the appearance of our feet becomes increasingly important. Dry feet and cracked heels are far from desirable. As the saying goes, “You never see a French lady with cracked heels.” So, how can we keep our feet well-hydrated and feeling great?

Firstly, regular use of a foot cream can work wonders. It replenishes the moisture lost during our hectic lives. Additionally, most foot creams are specially designed to hydrate the skin and combat the buildup of hard skin and calluses. This is crucial because excessive hard skin can lead to painful cracks, which may even bleed. To avoid this, it’s essential to prevent broken skin as it can serve as an entry point for severe infections like cellulitis.

If the skin on your feet is particularly tough, incorporating the use of a foot file alongside the foot cream can be highly beneficial. However, it’s important to remember that if you have dry skin, especially with any areas of broken skin, seeking professional advice from a podiatrist or GP might be necessary.

For long-lasting relief from dry feet, make hydrating them a year-round habit. Adequate hydration is key to maintaining the health and appearance of your feet. If you need guidance on treating cracked or dry skin on your feet, reach out to the trusted professionals at Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham. Contact us at 01252 716611.

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Picture of Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist and Practice Owner | MChS BSc (Hons)

Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist and Practice Owner | MChS BSc (Hons)

Mr Jonathan Kirk is the proud owner and manager of Waverley Clinic. With a diverse background in healthcare, he first embarked on his professional journey as a Registered General Nurse. Subsequently, he carved out a successful career in the UK medical industry, excelling in sales and senior management roles. As his passion for podiatry grew stronger, Jonathan made the decision to further his education as a mature student, pursuing a BSc (Hons) degree in podiatry. Now, he resides in Farnham, utilising his extensive clinical and podiatric expertise to benefit his patients.

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