Heel & Arch Pain, what can I do?

Heel & Arch pain

Heel and arch pain that often seems worse in the morning can be very debilitating. This pain may slowly reduce as walking begins but often returns through the day causing constant discomfort. This condition is often called ‘Policeman’s Heel’ but the medical term for this problem is ‘Plantar Fasciitis’

Policeman’s Heel or Plantar Fasciitis

The reason for this problem occurs is complex. Plantar fascia is the musculature on the sole of the foot which helps support your arch. This can become damaged and inflamed. Struggling to support the arch can take it’s toll resulting in the discomfort called Plantar Fasciitis. Tight calf muscles may also be involved as they alter the foot position in a way that causes more stress within the plantar fascia.


Heel Pain Treatment

Correct diagnosis is vital to ensure the correct treatment path. There may be another cause such as ‘Heel spur’ so specialized diagnostic skills are required. Following diagnosis complete pain relief may take time. Therefore it’s important the correct treatment path is chosen early. Referral to a Podiatrist or Chiropodist is advised by the NHS, who specialize in such problems. They will examine the foot to determine the best treatment option to provide the most effective and speedy return to being discomfort free.

Stretching exercises to both the plantar fascia and calf muscles  is often recommended. Long term relief and prevention of pain return can be achieved using orthotic support insoles within the shoes. Orthotic insoles support the arch and reduce tension within calf muscles. This helps the healing and recovery process and also helps to ensure the foot function is assisted to prevent return of the problem.

Orthotic Insoles & foot pain relief

Plantar Fasciitis foot pain is caused when the foot function is compromised. The average person walks four miles each day, which over the years can lead to problems. Heel and arch pain, forefoot pain, ankle sprain and even back problems can also occur. Orthotic insoles prescribed by a Podiatrist or Chiropodist allow the foot to function correctly. This provides both immediate relief of the current problem and ongoing foot support to help prevent future issues.

Waverley Foot Clinic Orthotics Insole Assessment Technology

Please see our video to demonstrate the assessment technology.


At Waverley Foot Clinic we use the latest digital technology to help diagnose the cause of foot pain & problems. This provides a digital image how the foot functions when walking and identifies the problems (the days of taking a foot mould has long gone). The excellent foot function data used to create the most comfortable and clinically effective orthotic. Ongoing pain relief during every day life, work and sport activity.

Please call Waverley Foot Clinic for a consultation on 01252 716611 or visit our website https://waverleyfootclinic.com/orthotics/

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Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist & Practise Owner | MChS BSc (hons)

Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist & Practise Owner | MChS BSc (hons)

Waverley Foot Clinic is owned and managed by Mr. Jonathan Kirk. His long career within healthcare started by qualifying as a Registered General Nurse followed by a successful career within the UK medical industry working in sales and senior management. Latterly, Jonathan returned to University as a mature student to undertake a BSc (hons) degree in Podiatry and is currently based in Farnham utilising his varied clinical and Podiatric experience.