How and Why do Prescription Insoles Work?

Prescription or orthotic insoles are a popular solution to the common problem of foot pain. There are many causes of foot pain but ultimately because everyone’s feet are different there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem. Many of us need help to eradicate foot pain and prescription insoles, or orthotics, are often one of the best ways to achieve better long term foot health.

So what are prescription insoles, who are they for and what do they actually do? In this post we’ll answer all of these questions and more, helping you understand orthotics and the use of prescription insoles.

Who Needs Prescription Insoles?

Foot pain or discomfort can, and often will, affect absolutely anybody, whether leading an active lifestyle or a more sedentary one. There are genetic factors that can play a part, such as having bunions (hallux valgus) or suffering with diabetes or arthritis, and there are lifestyle factors too. Participating in particular sports or having a physically demanding job can contribute to your foot pain, but so too can being at a desk all day.

In short the list of possible reasons for suffering with foot pain is practically endless.

All feet are unique, and that’s why they often need specialist care. You could have injured a foot playing sport or noticed a pain start without apparent cause, but either way, if your feet are causing you problems, prescription insoles may be the answer.

What do Prescription Insoles Do?

The objective of custom made orthotic insoles is to relieve foot pain and promote long term maintenance of foot health and mobility by addressing the root cause of your discomfort. Being made-to-measure for your precise requirements, a good prescription insole will actively correct improper posture and support your foot where it may have had undue stress placed upon it previously.

Over time prescription insoles promote a healthier and improved foot posture. They can be for everyday use or used specifically to aid recovery from a sporting injury.

How do Prescription Insoles Work?

In order to fully understand your foot’s functioning and your current gait (the way you walk) it’s very important to get a full digital 3d scan. A thorough examination in this fashion allows for an accurate diagnosis in identifying the causes of your foot pain which can then be effectively treated.

Using the latest GaitScan technology in conjunction with advanced diagnostic software it is possible to uncover any clinical issues that need to be resolved. Then the 3d model that’s created of your foot in day to day use forms the basis of your new custom orthotic insoles which are produced from a lightweight and incredibly comfortable yet durable material moulded to the exact contours of your feet.

How do Prescription Insoles Compare with Over the Counter Orthotics?

You may have come across insole inserts in the pharmacy that promise to alleviate foot pain and discomfort. They will usually provide a little extra arch support and attempt to reduce pressure from certain parts of the foot. But of course their effectiveness will be determined by the precise nature of the problems you’re suffering, and there’s no guarantee the solution they provide will be the one you need.

Without accurate diagnosis how can you buy the correct insoles!

With prescription insoles designed specifically for your feet you’re going to get a tailor made solution unique to your needs, and this can be different for each foot. Whereas with over the counter insoles you’re pretty much tied to having two insoles the same.

Specially designed bespoke insoles allow you to enjoy the precise level of support that’s ideal for each of your feet, alleviating pain and helping to prevent longer term worsening of the problem and offer long term foot support and health.

Naturally you’ll pay more for a custom made prescription insole than you would for over the counter insoles, but there really is no comparison in terms of their effectiveness. Consider glasses to correct your eyesight – would you rather pick up a pair of generic “lenses for all” or have the optician assess your sight and provide the ideal corrective optician prescribed lenses to help you see?

What are the Advantages of Prescription Insoles?

The number one reason for investing in individually manufactured custom orthotics is to manage and alleviate your foot pain. Painkillers might also help address that pain but they’ll do little for your foot problems longer term. This is why prescription insoles are so invaluable.

Dynamic insoles move with your foot, creating functional changes to resolve issues with bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. By helping to normalise your gait, the prescription insoles dramatically reduce stress on different parts of your feet that would have otherwise been under pressure leading to pain

Your prescription insoles are a long term solution so can be used day in day out, in different pairs of shoes, for many years. You can wear orthotic insoles in casual shoes, business shoes, ladies narrow shoes, work boots or in trainers, weekdays, evenings and weekends. The custom insole design can be made to fit whatever the footwear choice of each person. In fact before long they’ll become second nature and you won’t even notice you’re wearing them, particularly after the first 2-3 weeks once pain begins to subside.

What’s more, they come with a ten year guarantee, meaning your insoles can often outlast your shoes!

How to Get Prescription Insoles

To get your feet biomechanically GaitScan assessed you simply need to book an appointment with us and we can take you through the whole process. We’ll determine what’s required to provide the required support to your feet and produce the specialist insoles tailored to your needs. 

We’re confident we can help you achieve a foot-pain-free happy life so if you’re struggling with discomfort in your feet, just get in touch with Waverley Foot Clinic today. The clinic biomechanics foot specialist Jonathan Kirk will ensure accurate diagnosis and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles to relieve problems and offer long term improved foot health

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