K-Laser Treatment Now Available In Farnham, Surrey

Here at Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham, we tend to a diverse range of patients, spanning various age groups, who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions causing discomfort. These conditions encompass sports injuries like Achilles tendon sprains, tight calf muscles, and strained hamstrings, as well as foot arch and heel pain.

Additionally, we commonly encounter difficulties such as agonising shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and sciatic pain. These types of distressing issues can profoundly impact one’s quality of life, interfering with day-to-day activities and even hindering participation in sports. Rest assured, our clinic is dedicated to providing effective solutions to alleviate these debilitating ailments.

At Waverley Foot Clinic, we provide advanced technology to promptly address foot problems. Our K-Laser therapy utilises cutting-edge ‘cold’ laser technology for swift and effective treatment, expediting the healing process. By employing specific wavelengths of light, K-Laser therapy stimulates vital molecules in human tissues, resulting in improved cellular metabolism.

Moreover, the K-Laser delivers energy from the surface to deep tissues, initiating a cascade of photochemical reactions that enhance cell function, speed up the healing stages, and alleviate pain. Rest assured, this technique is safe, non-invasive, and harnesses the body’s natural healing processes.

Discover the advantages of K-Laser therapy below:

Increased metabolic activity

K-Laser therapy helps to stimulate essential molecules that improve oxygenation and synthesis in tissues. This activates powerful photochemical reactions, which provide a boost of energy to accelerate the healing process.

Improved vascular activity

K-Laser therapy offers a multitude of benefits for your body, enhancing blood circulation and nourishing tissues. By promoting the widening of constricting vessels, it effectively diminishes inflammation and swelling associated with bruising or injury. Moreover, it optimises the lymphatic drainage system, facilitating the efficient removal of waste products from local tissues.


Laser therapy is a powerful and efficient method to put an end to the inflammation process. It has the ability to decrease Interleukin-1, which is one of the molecules accountable for the immune system’s activity. Additionally, it can also increase the levels of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which aids in safeguarding cells from being damaged by free radicals.

Improved nerve function

Laser therapy is an effective treatment to help restore the normal functioning of nerves through multiple pathways. It has been shown to improve nerve signal transmission and stimulate cell regeneration, leading to improved CMAP and nerve Latency values, ultimately helping your body heal itself from injury or illness.

Analgesic effect

K-Laser therapy has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation and swelling at the source of pain, providing lasting relief. It works by altering nerve activity in targeted areas – making it an effective weapon against chronic aches and pains.

Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth

K-Laser technology works to support healing deep within the body, penetrating tissues and boosting cell metabolism. This stimulates faster repair of major connective tissue such as tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones – helping your body to recover quicker.

Reduced fibrous tissue formation

K-Laser therapy can help you recover from tears, burns or surgery with minimal scarring. The therapy works by preventing the accumulation of scar tissue for a more elastic healing process. Taking advantage of this treatment now will stop chronic pain issues later on down the line.


Ready for your K-Laser treatment?

Ready to take charge of your sports injury or muscular pain? Waverley Foot Clinic is prepared to help you with its advanced K-laser technology. Reach out to us today to learn more or book a consultation. Call our friendly team on 01252 716611.

Alternatively, you can message us here.



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Picture of Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist and Practice Owner | MChS BSc (Hons)

Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist and Practice Owner | MChS BSc (Hons)

Mr Jonathan Kirk is the proud owner and manager of Waverley Clinic. With a diverse background in healthcare, he first embarked on his professional journey as a Registered General Nurse. Subsequently, he carved out a successful career in the UK medical industry, excelling in sales and senior management roles. As his passion for podiatry grew stronger, Jonathan made the decision to further his education as a mature student, pursuing a BSc (Hons) degree in podiatry. Now, he resides in Farnham, utilising his extensive clinical and podiatric expertise to benefit his patients.

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