Lunula Cold Laser treatment for fungal nail infection

Lunula cold laser treatment fungal nail infection results

How do tell there is a fungal nail infection?

Fungal nails become discoloured with yellowish-brown patches or white flecks within the appearance. The nails often become thickened and in the later stages nails start to crumble with a distinctive odour. Fungal nail infections are a progressive and contagious condition that without treatment will spread to other toes and from person to person. This is where Lunula cold laser can help (see below)

What is the cause of fungal infections?

The cause is a fungal organism called a ‘dermatophyte’ that lives within the nail and skin. The fungus absorbs keratin within the nail and also the skin causing Athletes Foot which is often seen as dry, sometimes itchy areas on the feet.

What fungal nail infection treatments are  available?

Three options are available. Firstly, an oral medication from your GP is possible but it has significant and serious long-term health risks such as liver damage. Secondly, ‘paint on’ topical treatments from the pharmacy are an option, but success is limited resulting in continued fungus growth. Finally, Lunula cold laser treatment for fungal nail infections is simple and totally pain free with excellent clinical results offering the most effective solution.

Lunula Cold Laser Treatment at the Waverley Clinic

Lunula’Cold’ Laser at Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham is the latest technology and expertise to treat fungal nail infections. The totally pain free ‘cold laser’ treatment is completely safe and effective, requiring just four short treatments to resolve most infections. The fungus and spores are destroyed creating fungus free and healthier looking nails without an embarrassing and disfiguring appearance.

Stop suffering from fungal nail infections and take the first steps towards making your nails appear healthy again. Call Waverley Foot Clinic, Farnham for an appointment to discuss Lunula Laser treatment on 01252 716611.


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