Take Care Of Your Feet With Rest And Exercise

Take care of your feet with rest and exercise

Taking care of your feet is of utmost importance. Here are a few valuable tips to ensure optimum foot health:

Put your feet up

Sitting with your feet up for ten minutes after a long day helps circulation. This can be done while watching TV or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair.

Massage your feet

For a rejuvenating experience, pamper your feet with a gentle massage using a foot roller. Alternatively, why not indulge in the ultimate relaxation by asking your partner for an exquisite foot massage?

Calf stretches

Maintaining supple and mobile feet is crucial, and calf stretches play a vital role in achieving this. To stretch your calf and heel effectively, position yourself facing a wall with your feet hip-width apart and slightly bent at the knee. Take a step forward and lean into the wall, using your arms for support. Keep your front leg bent and your back leg straight, ensuring that both feet remain flat on the ground.

As you lean towards the wall, you will begin to feel a gentle yet invigorating stretch in your calf and heel muscles. Hold this position momentarily and then slowly return to a standing posture. Repeat this exercise approximately five times with each leg. If you encounter any difficulties while performing this exercise, do not hesitate to seek additional guidance.

By following these instructions, you can enhance the quality of your calf stretches while promoting optimal foot flexibility and movement.

Foot exercises

Perform ten complete rotations in each direction with your feet while keeping your leg as stationary as possible.

Deliberately straighten your toes and wiggle them around.

Lift, point, and then curl your toes for five-second intervals, repeating ten times. This exercise is particularly beneficial for relieving toe cramps or addressing hammer toes.

Trace the alphabet with your feet, even when seated at your desk. It’s a fantastic exercise that allows for easy movement and keeps you engaged throughout the day.

Keep your feet clean

Maintaining a daily foot care routine is crucial for keeping your feet clean and free from infections, thus preventing potential foot problems. To accomplish this, wash your feet daily using warm, soapy water (avoid soaking to preserve natural oils), and ensure thorough drying, paying particular attention to the areas between the toes. By following these steps, you can safeguard the health of your feet and enjoy optimal foot hygiene.

Cut your toenails

It is essential to maintain well-groomed toenails by regularly trimming them with appropriate nail clippers. Remember to cut them straight across, avoiding cutting too short or down at the corners, as this can cause ingrown nails. Consider using a file if it is more convenient. For ease of trimming, it is recommended to do so after a bath when the toenails are softer and more manageable.

Cover any minor cuts or abrasions

For minor cuts or abrasions, it is advisable to cover them with a clean and dry dressing. Similarly, it is best to let blisters dry out naturally and avoid bursting them deliberately. However, if they do burst, apply a clean and dry dressing. If the wounds do not heal promptly, it is recommended to seek professional medical treatment.

It is crucial to promptly assess and treat wounds (sometimes referred to as ulcers), especially if there is redness or swelling around the area or if you have previously been advised to seek immediate attention.

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Picture of Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist and Practice Owner | MChS BSc (Hons)

Jonathan Kirk - Lead Chiropodist / Podiatrist and Practice Owner | MChS BSc (Hons)

Mr Jonathan Kirk is the proud owner and manager of Waverley Clinic. With a diverse background in healthcare, he first embarked on his professional journey as a Registered General Nurse. Subsequently, he carved out a successful career in the UK medical industry, excelling in sales and senior management roles. As his passion for podiatry grew stronger, Jonathan made the decision to further his education as a mature student, pursuing a BSc (Hons) degree in podiatry. Now, he resides in Farnham, utilising his extensive clinical and podiatric expertise to benefit his patients.

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