K-Laser treatment now available in Farnham, Surrey

Fast effective muscular skeletal pain relief At Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham we see many patients of all ages concerning muscular related pain conditions. Sports injuries from achilles tendon sprain, painful tight calf muscles or hamstrings to foot arch and heel pain. Other painful problems such as debilitating shoulder pain, tennis elbow or sciatic pain […]

Ingrown Toenail Treatments and Causes

Looking to understand what causes ingrown toenails, how to prevent them & what treatments are available? Waverley Foot Clinic explain all here! Visit us today

Foot Pain

Foot Pain Foot pain can simply ruin your life. Foot pain may start from the moment you get out of bed or develop through the day. Which ever way the foot pain develops it can make day to day activities difficult or impossible.  Foot pain often develops slowly over months and eventually reaches the stage […]

The College of Podiatry International Conference – Bournemouth 2018

Preventing Foot Pain The College of Podiatry Conference in Bournemouth 2018 Podiatrists Jonathan Kirk & Sheila Mills and our administrator Carolyn Calow from Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham attended The College of Podiatry Conference in Bournemouth. This international meeting is the largest in Europe with three days of excellent clinical lectures and access to the […]


Lunula ‘cold’ Laser is the latest technology to treat fungal nail infections is now available at Waverley Foot Clinic. View the video below to see how the laser can remove the problem of fungal nails. Find out more about our other podiatry and chiropody treatments here.