Prescription or orthotic insoles are a popular solution to the common problem of foot pain. There are many causes of foot pain but ultimately because everyone’s feet are different there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem. Many of us

Looking to understand what causes ingrown toenails, how to prevent them & what treatments are available? Waverley Foot Clinic explain all here! Visit us today

Foot Pain Foot pain can simply ruin your life. Foot pain may start from the moment you get out of bed or develop through the day. Which ever way the foot pain develops it can make day to day activities

Nail fungus low-level laser therapy At Waverley Foot Clinic, we specialise in treating fungal nail infections, a prevalent issue that continues to rise each year. Once a nail becomes infected, the fungus produces an enzyme that breaks down the nail

Nail fungus treatment with Lunula Cold Laser Therapy Waverley Foot Clinic At Waverley Foot Clinic, we focus on providing specialised treatment for nail fungal infections. Our approach revolves around the efficacy of cold laser therapy, which offers simple and effective

What are chilblains? Chilblains, also known as pernio, manifest as small, itchy, red, and sometimes purple swellings on the skin. These sensitivities can intensify, cause swelling and eventually dry out, leading to the formation of skin cracks that expose the

Christmas holiday day closures The Waverley Foot Clinic located in Farnham will be temporarily closed starting from Saturday, December 22nd. We will reopen our doors on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019, ready to serve you with renewed enthusiasm and dedication. Urgent

Preventing foot pain The College of Podiatry Conference in Bournemouth 2018 Jonathan Kirk, Sheila Mills (both renowned podiatrists), and our esteemed administrator, Carolyn Calow, from Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham, had the privilege to attend The College of Podiatry Conference

What is nail fungus? Nail fungus has the potential to infect one or multiple toenails and, in some cases, even fingernails. The progression of this infection is often slow, gradually developing over several months or even years. By the time

Heel & Arch pain At Waverley Foot Clinic we have recently seen an increase of patients coming to see us in relation to heel and arch pain. This is possibly linked with the good weather this summer and many people

10 tips on foot care Read our top 10 tips on how to look after your feet. The feet carry the weight of our entire body, making any foot problems a direct path to discomfort that can impact our stride.

Fungal Nail Infection Review from a patient who received Lunula Laser treatment – Fungal nail treatment five-star review – Farnham, Surrey Kate (23rd April 2018) ★★★★★ Nine months ago, I started treatment for nail fungus, which I had endured for