A fungal nail infection can appear unsightly and, at times, even unappealing. This can be particularly bothersome during the summer or while on vacation when we tend to expose our feet more often. Fungal infection. Where does it come from?

Take care of your feet with rest and exercise Taking care of your feet is of utmost importance. Here are a few valuable tips to ensure optimum foot health: Put your feet up Sitting with your feet up for ten

The Mail on Sunday A pain-free laser that banishes toenail fungus – caused by wearing sweaty trainers By Roger Dobson for The Mail on Sunday Are your feet fungus-free? Wearing hot, sweaty trainers can encourage fungal spores. Doctors are using

Keeping feet looking healthy for spring As winter comes to a close, our feet often bear the brunt of neglect. Months of confinement inside warm winter shoes can leave them parched and uncomfortable. Dry feet not only look and feel

FUNGAL NAIL INFECTIONS How do tell there is a fungal nail infection? Fungal nails become discoloured with yellowish-brown patches or white flecks within the appearance. The nails often become thickened and in the later stages nails start to crumble with

Introducing the Lunula ‘Cold’ Laser, the cutting-edge technology now offered at Waverley Foot Clinic, for effective treatment of fungal nail infections. Watch the video below to witness how this advanced laser solution can effortlessly eliminate the nuisance of fungal nails.